Flipped Demonstration Program for Kindergarten Prospective Teachers’ English Pronunciation Learning and Teaching

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Ismailia Faculty of Education, Suez Canal University, Egypt


       This research aimed to develop KG prospective teacher’s English pronunciation skills as well as improve their English pronunciation teaching performance to KG kids. The research design was one group pre and post-test quasi-experimental design. The participants were 72 2nd year KG prospective teachers at Ismailia Faculty of Education in Suez Canal University. In fulfillment of their future career’s basic needs as language teachers for young learners, this research was oriented towards the participants’ English pronunciation learning and teaching. A proposed program was developed and implemented via the use of Flipped Demonstration as an integrated pedagogical approach. There are two modules for the proposed program. Module one is Pronunciation Learning (the basic pronunciation skills needed by the KG prospective teachers) and module two is Pronunciation Teaching (the practical adapted techniques for teaching pronunciation to KG kids). Three tools were developed, validated and implemented by the researchers. They were: 1) English Pronunciation Skills Test, 2) Performance Observation Sheet for KG English Pronunciation Teaching and 3) Open Interviews with the participants by the end of experimentation. The findings revealed that the proposed program had a significant positive effect on the 2nd year KG prospective teachers’ Pronunciation Learning and Teaching.

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