"Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Strategies in Developing Preparatory Stage Students’ EFL Oral Reading Fluency Skills"

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Department of Curriculum and Methods of Teaching, Faculty of Education, Helwan University


    This research tried to investigate the effectiveness of a suggested program based on emotion regulation strategies in developing EFL oral reading fluency skills. Participants were 30 first year preparatory stage students, enrolled in a school in Egypt, who were equally divided into a control and another experimental groups. The quasi-experimental pretest- posttest design was used, and the groups were pre-tested, and post-tested on the EFL Oral Reading Fluency Test, developed by the researcher. The experimental group received the suggested program, while the control group received no intervention. Statistical analysis revealed that there was a statistically significant difference between the mean ranks of the control and experimental groups at level (α ≤ 0.01) in the overall reading fluency skills in the post administration of the Oral Reading Fluency Test in favor of the experimental group. The effect size for the suggested program was very large (Rprb=1.0), and Blake’s Modified Gain Ratio value (1.31) indicated the effectiveness of the suggested program based on the emotion regulation strategies in developing students’ EFL oral reading fluency skills.

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